Aleph by Nabih – King – Duvet set


A product by Sunnybeds
Pattern: Aleph (double sided print)
Designer: Nabih
Fabric: 300 TC 100% cotton percale
One 240×220 cm duvet cover
Two 50×75 cm pillow case

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Symbolism tells us that the letter Aleph in the Arabic language represents oneness with God.  Phonetically, the letter Aleph is the father figure of the aleph-bet, representing ideologically togetherness and unity.  That in turn with Sunnybeds translates into beauty of abstract design together with softness and leisure that all aside affirms you a gorgeous look to your bedroom and in equal measure, deep comfortable sleep that’s unparalleled in what you see, but better still, feel!  


So, what you see is abstract symbolism and what you restfully feel is from the optimal fabric of 300 TC Cotton Percale you’ll lay on.  

All emotions are triggered by one notable letter translated into one distinguished bedlinen!