Here’s a thought! We at SunnyBeds essentially make beddings. Mind you, we’re obviously good at other things, but for the sake of argument, let’s stick to beddings for now!  And the type of bedlinens we love making depends on one essential component, and that’s artists.

We’re knocking your door if you are an independent artist that would be open to collaborate and corroborate. No strings attached, nor any preconceptions, premonitions or any other pre!

Our door is open, and if you have something to say, (artistically) we’d love to hear from you, and then for us together to see if there’s ‘room’ to work on a design for a ‘bedroom!’

Let’s put it this way; creating value for ‘our’ artists is a number-1 goal.  Using sustainable, environmental-friendly fabric and sustainable printing methods is another.  And if you put it all together, we hope it’s worth your while to send in a query to potentially open the door to something – we hope – is worthwhile.

Knock Knock… Send a note to: ritta@sunnybeds.com, and you’ll see who’s there!