Pomegranate by Hala – King – Duvet set


A product by Sunnybeds
Pattern: Pomegranate (double sided print)
Designer: Hala
Fabric: 300 TC 100% cotton percale
One 240×220 cm duvet cover
Two 50×75 cm pillow case

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Such a distinguished berry that is hard and protective on the outside yet stunning and colourful on the inside.  In mythological paintings, pomegranates are depicted as an attribute to Venus as a symbol of desire, fertility, and prosperity.  So, as the depiction of love, do we really need to allot a few futile words on this self-explanatory design?!

Venus aside, let’s put you in the picture and see how this gorgeous set of imprints compliment your bedroom, your days, your mood and above all, your sound sleep.

Now, it’s well documented that according to Greek tradition; (and yes, even if you’re not Greek), and you’re wishing for some good luck in the new year, you would set out and prepare for some pomegranate-smashing!  Kindly note that we do not endorse doing so on this dazzling bedlinen!