Who we are

A family duo ensemble!

What does that mean? It means that the wife comes up with the solid idea and the husband prances in and ‘tries’ to take all of the credit! It means that the direction, strategy, and implementation are already worked out in the wifey’s head ready to get going, while the dude is still thinking about the simple As to Bs- forget getting to the Zs!

No disrespect to men in general is intended, but come on, someone has to say it…. We call it a duo effort, (yeah yeah), and that’s well-intentioned, but when it comes to the artistic end of things, move aside earthlings; the lady is in the house!

Here’s the simple short-end of our story at Sunnybeds: We: My husband and I came up with what we (mutually) felt is a necessity that few thought is needed. We’re all somehow calibrated to accept the norm of monotone colour-schemes when it comes to our beddings, and don’t really pay too much mind to the fact that no, why should they be as pre-historic in colour combinations as that of pre-grandma days? Why is it, (as both my man & I- together, as one, in perfect sync) agreed that other parts of the house demand so much from all of us to choose, design and implement, while our bedrooms’ focus resides on periphery of the colour of the walls. So, why is that we don’t look at the design of the beddings. And that’s how Sunnybeds was born as a labour of love to offering you beautiful choices. (Did I already mention that it was a mutual effort?!)

So essentially, what is Sunnybeds? It’s attractive beddings, cover sheets, pillow covers and the rest that has anything to do with a bed that can/should/will make a difference in giving rooms their own personality. So, as beauty is not really subjective, we thought on why not recruit the services of artists from around the globe to design, (exclusively) our beddings with use of colour, love and what could otherwise turn a bedroom into a lovely, relaxing work of art.

Likewise, comfort and quality of fabric are key to how Sunnybeds are made, and wash after wash, the prints as that of the fabric remains the same huggable ones you first bought. Take a look at what we’ve done and continue to do and see if you, (and your other lesser half) have needed all along, but never agreed before on!


Ritta & Fares, (in that respective order!)

P.S: Ohhh! And by the way, Sunnybeds would not have existed without the passion, the belief, the excitement (and the list is long) of our friend Ali Sabbagh (the most creative and crazy content creator) who decided, for no particular reason, to hold our hands and lead us to sunny shores!

Thanks a million Alias 🙂